Chill Out In Bangkok

There are a very few destinations that have a universal appeal for tourists. Bangkok is definitely one of them. Infact, it has already earned the honor of being the world's number one destination. There is so much to explore in this city that it is sure to win you over very soon. No wonder there are two airports to welcome cheap flights to Bangkok from UK from different parts of the globe!

At the first instance it may not make much sense to you because of the traffic and hustle-bustle around, but soon the traveler in you will recognize its irresistible charm encouraging you to experience more of it.

When in Bangkok, you can relish great food, indulge in some amazing shopping and enjoy the vast multiplicity of people living and visiting the city. While in the world's largest metropolis, you may not want to give up even on little details.

Some things which should not be missed out are:

1. Bangkok is famous for its sheer variety of food. Go out and try a range of varieties available on the streets. Don' miss out on the delectable sticky rice, the authentic Thai delicacy -Tom Yum Gung , sweet curry Massaman and the famous Pad Thai.

2. Take tuk-tuks for commutating to spots lying in close vicinity. For further off places, it is better to take taxis. Don't forget to negotiate on the prices or to check the meter.

3. There is probably no better place to shop than Bangkok. There is something for everyone here, so much that you can shop till you drop.

4. Go cruising along the Chao Phraya River and explore its majestic charm.

5. Visit the Chatuchak market on a Sunday and pamper yourself with some vintage clothing.

7. Apart from tempting food, get a 63rd-floor view of Bangkok below from the Sirocco sky-bar.

8. Discover the night markets and the flower market.

9. Pamper yourself with foot massages and spa treatments. Available at affordable cost, these are truly a specialty of Thailand

10. Watch either a real Muay Thai show or learn Muay Thai with the greatestThai boxers.

When a place has so much to offer, why wait for long? Check with your travel adviser for cheap flights to Bangkok and get your cheap air ticket to Bangkok from UK booked for an enjoyable holiday.


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