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No matter where you decide to go in the world for a vacation, you will always find time to shop. Shopping automatically gets added in the itinerary whenever a trip is planned. It is indeed strange that despite multiple attractions to cover and numerous things to do, we still find both the time and money for a shopping trip. And when the destination is Miami, it will be hard to hold back your shopping instincts. With its shopping plazas, outlet malls, individual stores and concept shops, the city offers an ideal opportunity to its visitors to indulge in some great retail therapy.

Here’s a list of Miami’s best shopping areas and malls:

Lincoln Road Mall: If you want the right mix of sunshine and shopping, then Lincoln Road is the place to be. This outdoor mall offers great shopping and dining options. Here you can find all the well-known retailers like Kiko, Gap, Urban Outfitters, Victoria’s Secret, Penguin, Banana Republic and Athleta. Shopping can also work up quite an appetite! Head to one of the outdoor cafes to treat your taste buds with sumptuous delicacies.

Dolphin Mall: With more than 240 retailers, an entertainment centre and a movie theatre, the Dolphin Mall offers an ultimate shopping experience. Here you can shop at a slow pace and you will also find great bargains including your favorite designer and retail labels for less.

Design District: Design District is best known for the latest trends in fashion. There are designer outlets, art galleries, interior decoration stores, restaurants and clubs. Luxury brands like Bvlgari, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Christian Louboutin, Prada, Hermes, Cartier, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Burberry and Rolex can all be found here.

Miracle Mile: This fantastic shopping destination features boutiques, designer labels, bookstores, a theatre, art galleries, salons and spas, hotels and book stores. With more than 200 retailers, the mall is well-known for high-end stores like Isa Boutique and Alessa's Bridal.

Bird and Ludlam Strip Mall: This is an interesting strip of a series of shops that offers a unique shopping experience. Miami Twice, a large boutique is one of the main attractions here offering retro-styled clothing and a collection of Halloween costumes in the month of October.

Other malls and shopping plazas of Miami are Mary Brickell Village, Coco Walk, Bal Harbour Shops and Village of Merrick Park. Book your air tickets to Miami from UK to indulge in its awesome retail therapy.

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Rising impressively from perfectly groomed gardens, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, stands upright as a real Arabian marvel. It appears to give a royal welcome to all its visitors to the city of Abu Dhabi. So when you land here from your flights to Abu Dhabi, you will get a sight of the most beautiful mosque on earth. With a capacity of 40,000 worshippers it is also the largest.

The idea of the majestic mosque was conceived by UAE’s first president, Sheikh Zayed. His mausoleum lies on the way to the entrance of the mosque. People continuously recite prayers here and although other parts of the structure are open for photography, taking pictures of the mausoleum is strictly prohibited.

The design and style of the monument are in accordance to modern standards but in close relevance to Islamic civilization, art and architecture. The exteriors are covered with Greek and Italian white marble and in the interiors, the brilliance of Islamic calligraphy are depicted on the walls and the ceiling. Travel agencies also offer attractive deals on cheap tickets to Abu Dhabi from UK.

It certainly is a masterpiece of architecture and a must visit for people all over the globe. It has a series of unique and overwhelming elements. There are approximately 82 domes and 1,000 columns. The 24 carat gold gilded chandeliers and the world's largest hand knotted carpet are the remarkable attractions of the mosque. The main prayer hall has one of the largest chandeliers of the world. It weighs around 12 tonnes and is 10 metres in diameter and 15 metres in height. The hall also has a large carpet over 5,625 m2. The estimated value of the carpet is about 30 million. Hand-knotted by about 1,300 Iranian craftsmen out of wool and of cotton, it is indeed an amazing piece of art.

On the outside, four 107-m minarets stand as majestic silhouettes against the Abu Dhabi skyline. With the reflection of the columns in the water around, the mosque seems to achieve an amazing effect. Tourists from all over book their Abu Dhabi flights from UK to experience the richness of this destination.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a masterpiece of modern Islamic architecture. The delicate floral patterns on the floor are inlaid with semi-precious stones which give it a sparkling feel.

It is one of the few religious places in the region that is open to visitors. However, it is important for tourists to follow the strict dress code. Mosque visitors are required to wear loose-fitting clothes covering from top to bottom. The men wear white and women wear black robes with hoods.  Board cheap flights to Abu Dhabi from UK and catch a glimpse of this grand structure.

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The importance of Auckland can be ascertained by the fact that the whole of New Zealand is more often known to be divided into two parts — Auckland and the rest of New Zealand, instead of North and South Island. This large city offers a lot of attractions for tourists. However, there are many other neighbouring cities that also appeal to travelers when they visit Auckland.  

When people book their cheap air tickets to Auckland from UK, there are some places which should not be missed in this trip. They should include the following in their itinerary.

Wellington: Wellington is the capital of New Zealand. Although it is much smaller in size, the culture of the city makes it vibrant and always happening. With a number of restaurants, museums and waterfronts, it is way ahead of any other capital city.

Nelson: Located at the top of the South Island, Nelson is famous as one of the sunniest places in the country. The well-known Abel Tasman National Park is in close proximity to the city. Nelson is also the second-largest city in New Zealand. The art and craft galleries found here are fantastic and a must-see.

Dunedin: It is famous for its number of universities and colleges. It is often referred to as “college city.” The town is a must-visit because of its architectural brilliance. It also has the steepest street in the world, the Baldwin Street.

Queenstown: Located on the South Island, the town offers beautiful scenic attractions. There is enough scope for all kinds of adventure activities bungee jumping, hiking, sky diving, skiing and snowboarding.

Rotorua: The mud pools, natural hot springs and crystal-clear streams — this small city has it all. Ohinemutu is a beautiful living Maori village, lying on the edge of Lake Rotorua, which gives great insights into their culture and lifestyles. The Whakarewarewa Forest is a favorite destination for mountain bikers and hikers.

With so much beauty within and all around, Auckland is indeed a rich destination. Cheap flights to Auckland are available all year round. Grab one for yourself and explore this spectacular part of the globe. Board air tickets to Auckland from UK and plan your holiday soon.

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The minute you land in San Francisco, you will fall in love with the city. Such is its free spirited vibes. With its diversity, vibrancy, chilled out atmosphere, it is indeed the topmost tourist destination of the world and cheap flights to San Francisco are available from all the important cities.

From fine dining experiences to sunset cruises the gorgeous city is ideal for a couple’s delight. Book your cheap air tickets to San Francisco from UK and feel the love in the air. Discover intimate restaurants, lounges, beautiful hideaways and romantic strolls and create some lasting memories with your beloved.

  • Take a walk: Feel the sand beneath your feet and the warmth within your heart while you walk hand-in-hand together. Try to catch up the amazing sunset views on the shore.


  • Enjoy a fine dining experience: Make your loved one feel special with a perfectly laid dinner table accompanied with live music and dim lights.


  • Go on a cruise: There are quite a few tours that offer amazing views of the San Francisco Bay. As the boat cruises under the Golden Gate Bridge, around Alcatraz Island and to other special attractions, the surrounding provides the perfect background to seal your moments with pictures.


  • Dance the night away: When the sun goes down, get ready to dance the night away in well styled nightclubs and pubs. One of the most popular is the Starlight Room inside the Sir Francis Drake Hotel where you have the perfect ambience to shake your feet together.


  • Picnic by the water: There are several picnic spots in the beautiful Golden Gate Park that offer a perfect setting for a romantic picnic. There is nothing more pleasant than enjoying your lunch on the green field. Later you can go on an idyllic boat ride.


  • Head for a couple’s massage: Getting pampered in a way that provides relaxation to the mind, body and soul is certainly an ideal way to set a romantic mood. San Francisco has amazing spas offering a serious of services to couples.

Whether it is the beginning of your journey or you want to rekindle the romance between the two of you, an intimate holiday can certainly prove to be magic in a couple’s life. With little surprises spread across the length and breadth of the city, San Francisco has evolved as the most desired romantic destination. Look for cheap flight to San Francisco  from UK and give yourself a chance to spend some special moments with your loved one.

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Just like most other parts of Canada, Toronto is a multicultural city where people of different origin, race and region live together exhibiting a perfect culmination of different cultures. As a traveler, you can see the prominent diversities that add to the richness of the sprawling city. The skyscrapers and natural beauty form the ideal backdrop to enjoy the wonders of Toronto.

The benefit of coexistence of different cultures at one place is a big reason that makes the city so happening and complete, full of events and festivals. You can search for a particular event you would like to attend, then book your cheap air tickets to  Toronto from UK and enjoy the vibrant festivals here.

The biggest annual event is the Toronto International Film Festival that is held in the month of September every year. This two-week event is a fantastic cinematic ride organizing the biggest films and an opportunity to get glimpses of famous celebrities at the red carpet.

Toronto also hosts the Jane’s Walk, a walking tour held in the first weekend of May. It is a community walk promoting conversations about people and cities and anyone can lead it as it is believed everyone is an expert in his own way and has something valuable to share.

There is the Toronto Underground Market organized at the Evergreen Brickwords which was an old brick factory earlier and has been renovated as an environmental and arts space.

What was a huge manufacturing district during the British reign is now one of the hottest tourist attractions of Toronto - Live Theatre in the Distillery District. It is a heritage district that is famous for its fine architecture. Being the city’s largest hub for art and culture, it exhibits shows at Soulpepper. There are also amazing places to eat and drink here.

It is indeed a great pleasure to visit a destination that is though a bustling city but offers all the wonders of the countryside. You can enjoy being close to nature without actually leaving the city. There is no end to the fun and adventure here. You just need to book cheap flights to  Toronto and embark on this beautiful journey which is full of world experiences. You can contact your travel adviser and find more about cheap tickets to  Toronto from UK.

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Mumbai is best described as India's dream destination — a city that excites everybody. It has been one of the most visited cities in the country for quite a long time. From entertainment to food, beaches to Bollywood, nightlife to shopping, it has all the ingredients to satiate your excitement. Not just this, it  displays an array of cultural and historical monuments. Tourists from different parts of the globe board cheap flights to Mumbai from UK to witness the various aspects of this happening city.

One of the most preferred and historic monument of Mumbai is Gateway of India. It was built in 1924. It is the right spot to begin your Mumbai exploration. The two other important tourist spots nearby are the ancient Elephanta Caves and the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. You can take a motor boat and visit the Elephanta Island where these caves are located. Here you can see 7th century rock-cut temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva.

One of the main attractions of Mumbai is the old heritage buildings which give an insight into erstwhile colonial architecture. The prime examples are the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Victoria Terminus) Train Station. It resembles to the St. Pancras Station in London. It was built to celebrate the golden jubilee of Queen Victoria.

The colorful and vibrant street markets of Mumbai are a treat for everyone. It is certain that you will discover a shopaholic in you on these streets. The famous fashion and trend setter market is the Linking Road. Here you can find delightful products from shoes to latest fashion clothing. Fashion Street is famous among the younger crowd. The Colaba market is again an outstanding option for shoppers.  A saying goes about this marketplace: "sab kuch milega yahan." (You can get everything here!)

A trip to Mumbai is incomplete without experiencing its essence — the famous Bollywood industry. Here you can get a glimpse of the studios and bungalows of famous Bollywood stars and if you are lucky enough you may see a film or TV shoot live.

After a busy schedule of sightseeing and shopping, you can relax with the sunset at the beach and savor your taste buds with the local knick-knacks.

Finding cheap air ticket to Mumbai from UK is not difficult. Airlines offer competitive prices and you can get your tickets to Mumbai from UK booked without any hassle.

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