Book Cheap Flights To Bangkok And Visit The Majestic Wat Arun

10/29/2015 12:38

Bangkok is known to the world as a land of vibrant cultures. With spectacular ornately carved temples and structures, the Thailand’s capital is certainly the perfect place to enjoy art, heritage and religion. The city has a number of temples, each one of them special in its own way. Amongst these, Wat Arun or the Temple of Dawn is one of the most famous attractions with a top position in the must-visit category. The serenity, design, colours and sheen of the temple which is held in high regard is a national icon with a long and enviable history.   

The Temple’s History

Wat Arun, or Wat Arunratchawararam Ratchaworamahawihan dates back to the days when Thailand's capital was Ayutthaya. It is earlier named as Wat Makok which was changed to Wat Chaeng by King Taksin when Thonburi was the capital. Later, it was King Rama II who extended the central prang and changed the name to Wat Arunratchatharam. In the ensuing years, King Rama III led to the completion of the temple work where as King Rama IV gave its current name of Wat Arunratchawararam.  Just book your cheapest air tickets to Bangkok from UK and escape into this piece of wonderland.

The Temple’s Design

Built in Khymer style, the temple features a central prang with four large prangs. These prangs are beautifully adorned with bells, demons, mosaic designs and flowers in porcelain. You can hear the sounds of the temple bells as you stroll around the ground. The air appears to be filled with serenity and purity. Statutes of Chinese warriors standing in a row seem to guard the temple from the ground. Climbing the steep and narrow steps up the central prang is a major highlight of the temple. And once you reach the top, you will get amazing views of the Chao Phraya River and the towering skyline of the city.

Wat Arun is an impressive attraction of Bangkok. The compound has other buildings too that are worth visiting.


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