Revisit History With Flights To Lahore

11/12/2015 13:50

There is always something captivating about places that have historical significance and cultural importance. It is the everlasting charm of these old cities and towns that keep them on the top in the travel list of vacation from all parts of the world.

Lahore is one of such destinations that have retained its age-old charm. Being an ancient city, it has plenty of attractions for tourists who wish to experience the history of the city and the country on the whole. Cheap flight to Lahore from UK are available from all major cities of the world. Book your tickets to get an insight into a place that has so much in store.

Hiran Minar

This beautiful place was built in the year 1606 by Mughal Emperor Jahangir in the memory of his favourite antelope which got killed accidently in a hunting session. The site is situated at a distance of 43 kilometre northwest of Lahore and is a hotspot for locals as well as tourists who wish to enjoy boat rides in the artificial lake overlooking the structure.  

Lahore Fort

Better known as the Shahi Qila, the Lahore Fort is a major attraction of the city. The grandeur of the trapezoidal fort is incomparable and its intricate wood work, majestic walls and arches and the precision in the interiors and exteriors make it worth a visit.

Badshahi Mosque

Built in 1671 by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, this imposing structure stands as an epitome of beauty, elegance and magnificence. It is the fifth largest mosque in the world and has close resemblance to the smaller Jama Masjid in Delhi. The design clearly defines Indian, Persian and Islamic influences. The interiors comprise of fresco work and stucco tracery whereas the exterior is made up of red sandstone and marble with lotiform motifs.

Akbari Sarai

It is a courtyard situated between the tombs of Jahangir in the east and Asaf Khan in the west. There are 180 hujra or cells surrounding the courtyard which were used for living and storing in the ancient times.

There are many more historical wonders in Lahore. The list is long and to explore them you need to book your flights to Lahore to come closer to history.


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