Souvenir Shopping In Abu Dhabi

11/02/2015 14:11

Photographs and souvenirs are two most amazing and memorable parts of any vacation. And if you are visiting a place like Abu Dhabi, then the list of shopping is sure to be a long one. The capital of the United Arab Emirates is a paradise for shoppers and cautioners with its endless options.

Authentic items to buy from Abu Dhabi

Gold Jewellery

If you are fond of gold jewellery, then Abu Dhabi is the best shopping destination. Here you can buy 18, 21, 22 or 24 carats gold products as per the international prices. A wide range of jewellery from classical Arabian designs to mostly modern and stylish wedding ornaments are available here in abundance. The one-stop destination for all your gold love can be met at the Gold Souk in Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre.


Arabian carpets are most sought after products from this part of the world. Abu Dhabi is one of the hubs for fine genuine carpets. The city sells carpets from Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and other Central Asian countries along with the Arab world. Here you will find options in silk, wool, and rugs in traditional designs. Sharpen your bargain skill before visiting the shops as it will save you lots of money.

Sweets, Chocolates and Dates

Travellers with a sweet tooth cannot miss this destination as it offers a range of edible souvenirs. Lebanese sweets, Iranian caviar, chocolates and the renowned dates are a must for any visitor. Different varieties of dates are available such as date juice, date jams and luxury dates at Abu Dhabi Co-operative Society, Lulu and Emirates General Market.

Arabic Perfume

Arabic perfumes are a signature souvenir of Abu Dhabi. Many traditional and valuable long lasting perfumes are sold at Yas Perfumes at the Abu Dhabi Mall, Marina Mall, Emirates Palace and the Al Ain Mall.  Flights to Abu Dhabi are available throughout the year from different parts of the world and getting online Abu Dhabi flights from UK is the most convenient way of travelling to this vibrant city.


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